Haley Hoffman

My journey into graphic design began when I was asked to be the Social Media Manager at a local restaurant where I had been hosting for a few years. That grew into menu redesigns, branding updates, and maintaining their website. Once my menu redesign was in use, my manager told me that some of our regulars were noticing menu items they had never seen before. Oh, the exhilaration of seeing results!

When not working on school or freelance, I enjoy my jungle of house plants, watching British TV, and creating pieces for my nieces and nephew.


Fable Fort

Fable Fort allows you to connect with the little ones in your life through storytime, no matter how near or far. Fable Fort uses specially designed story cards to create your own tales for endless story combinations and creations! When you use the app in conjunction with our cards, you can have storytime with your little ones no matter how far apart you are.