KD Kimbrell

Howdy! I’m KD Kimbrell, and I’m a graphic designer. I was first introduced to graphic design at my community college. I loved using the principles of design to create compositions and decided I could make a career out of that.

I have a passion for both art and design, and in my mind, the two go hand-in-hand. Themes that appear frequently in my projects are bold color, nostalgia, and humor. I also like to incorporate my personal interests into my work, such as fashion, sustainability, music, and history.


Uptown Stroll

Uptown Stroll is a self-guided walking tour of the historical buildings in my hometown, Collinsville, IL. I notice a need for this project every time I venture uptown and see the outdated tour signs featuring buildings and businesses that don’t exist anymore, and the design of them appears to be just as old, too. My mom happens to own a copy of the old tour booklet, and it suffers the same issues as well. I gave my hometown’s expired tour a full rebrand, complete with a new name, logo, booklet, website, and, of course, new posters for those signs in town.