Pseudonality is a book on everything from scientific theories and traits to cosmic influences and even Hogwarts houses. These pseudo-sciences serve to label us, group us, and even tell our futures. I drew from all kinds of inspiration on color and type and illustration because personalities are deep and complex and I wanted my book to reflect this. That’s why every section has a different color theme and unique hand drawn illustrative elements. That’s also why there are more interactive bits throughout the book and why the type I chose is organic and full of its own personality.
For my project I knew I wanted to do something with Astrology. I love learning about it, so I knew I’d have fun making a project about it. But from there I started thinking of ways outside of Astrology that people use to analyze themselves, so I researched different pseudo-sciences that try to tell us who we are and decided on the most popular ones to create a book about. Finally I settled on 9 categories; Traits and Theories, Astrology, Chinese Zodiac, Palmistry, Graphology, Types A/B/C/D, Myers Briggs, Divergent Factions, and Hogwarts Houses. These categories are well known and are ones we most often wear proudly and know how to relate to.

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