Taylor Becherer

My interests in graphic design are illustration and image making. I love creating lots of iterations and getting all of my ideas on paper.

I enjoy taking photographs and hiking. I’m inspired by design that makes me think twice. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and was eventually hooked on graphic design after my first foundations course.


That’s My Mutt

That’s My Mutt is a pet therapy organization whose mission is to raise awareness about the benefits of having an emotional support dog, host events for students to bond and relax with adoptable dogs, and create opportunities for pets to find new homes. I created this organization to help others who struggle with anxiety after seeing the positive impact on mental health. I wanted to bring the benefits directly to UMSL students by visiting the campus with our animal companions during stressful times in the semester. Pet therapy has the potential to not only change your life, but the life of a new best friend.